[Foundation-l] Fwd: Wikis around Europe!

emijrp emijrp at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 17:59:12 UTC 2011

Hi. I forward this e-mail, I hope there are people interested on this map.

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From: emijrp <emijrp at gmail.com>
Date: 2011/6/11
Subject: Wikis around Europe!
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Hi all;

A friend of mine has sent me this link about wikis (locapedias) around
Europe.[1] I'm very surprised about the huge amount of wikis available.

Time to archive all of them.[2] I have been working on Spanish ones. If you
want to help archiving one country, please, reply to this message to
coordinate. If not, I will try to archive entire Europe!


[2] http://code.google.com/p/wikiteam/

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