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Fwd'ing to F-l in case you did not read the Signpost this week... this
is WONDERFUL, thank you so much to the Signpost and to the Research

The amount of research done on and about Wikipedia has grown
substantially over the last few years, and has gotten a good deal more
sophisticated as well; studies about participation, editing
experiences, off-line access and how readers use Wikipedia -- such as
those profiled in this issue -- are all deeply relevant to the work we
are doing across Wikimedia.

Because of this I have long hoped for stronger ties between the
academic research community that studies Wikimedia and Wikimedia
itself, and we are now building those ties with, for instance, the
volunteer research committee:
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research_committee (RCOM, not to be
confused with ARBCOM), and the summer of research:

The Signpost summary is a welcome addition and I look forward to
future editions.

-- phoebe

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the current issue of the Signpost (the English Wikipedia's
community-written and community-edited weekly news bulletin) contains
a section summarizing some recent academic research about Wikipedia:


See also an earlier such overview:

In the future, we are planning to publish such surveys of recent
Wikipedia research on a monthly basis, in collaboration with the
Wikimedia Foundation Research Committee - expect further announcements
on this list.

If you know about a newly published academic research paper about
Wikipedia that seems worth covering, a tip is welcome at

Regards, HaeB

Wikipedia Signpost Staff

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