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Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] WikiPatrika is now released - Volume 2 , Issue 1
- 2011 June
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Hi Wikipedians,
                       The first community
the Wikimedia India community was released in September 2010. Since
that time, various community members have been involved with creating a
regular version of the newsletter; today,* we are pleased to announce the
commencement of WikiPatrika*, a monthly newsletter of Wikimedia community,
chapter and foundation updates from India.

'Patrika' is the closest pan-Indian word that has roughly similar meaning
across the country that also conveys the right spirit; it has a multitude of
meanings, but is broadly understood to mean 'journal' or 'magazine'.

WikiPatrika is an independent publication which is not affiliated with the
Wikimedia Foundation or the Wikimedia India chapter. We sincerely thank the
Wikimedia India chapter for allowing us to host this newsletter on
wikimedia.in .

The *first edition of WikiPatrika is now released* - Volume 2 , Issue 1  -
2011 June
*http://wiki.wikimedia.in/WikiPatrika *

*Community News : *
This month: hear what's happening from Wikimedians in Bengali, English,
Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Odia , Sanskrit,
Tamil, Telugu

*Meetups and Events :*
Meetups in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai

*Press Coverage :*
As usual, a flood of articles; check in to see where Wikimedia is covered
and how

*Free culture news :*
Copyright law changes, government initiatives, and the latest in licensing

*FOSS-MediaWiki Tech news :*
 Google Summer of Code, India and Mediawiki. Plus Berlin Hackathon,
Wikimedia Commons and UploadWizard

*WMIN Chapter News:*
Chapter membership opens!

*WMF India Office news :*
Campus ambassadors hit Pune: find out all about it.

You can subscribe to wikimedia-in-newsletter at lists.wikimedia.org to receive
the WikiPatrika newsletters  ( If you are not subscribed to wikimediaindia-l
mailing list).
We are are also working on user talk page delivery to your home Wikis in
future .

We hope that you find this useful. Going forward, this exercise will only be
possible with *your* involvement, so if there is something you see that you
would like to contribute to, change, or start - tell us!

Write to us at wikimedia-in-newsletter-editors [at] lists [dot] wikimedia
[dot] org

WikiPatrika Newsletter Team

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