[Foundation-l] Global ban - poetlister?

Scott MacDonald doc.wikipedia at ntlworld.com
Sat Jun 4 09:23:13 UTC 2011

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> I second everything that Risker has said.
> I am not convinced that further public discussion of this situation is
> really going to do anything other than feed Poetlister's ego, and
> create
> exactly the bitterness and divisiveness in the community, or
> communities,
> that it seems to be one of his aims to create.  My view is that if we
> can't
> come to a consensus quickly on this matter, it ought to just be handled
> and
> announced, either by one or more stewards or by the Office acting as
> such.
> Newyorkbrad

I entirely agree. Unfortunately, there is apparently no mechanism for this
to be "handled and announced". Even in an extreme case like this, the
Foundation are playing Pontius Pilate, and any attempt to create a
cross-community mechanism will meet demands of "what specific problem are
you trying to fix" and, before consenting to any mechanism, everyone on
every project will demand to know all the details in the name of open
decision making. 

There is nothing other than an open list to allow cross-community decision
making, and no other way of doing it. Honestly, this needs to be the job of
the service provider, because there is no other responsible way of doing
this. (And that's over to you Sue.)


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