[Foundation-l] Doctors Again

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Jun 4 01:18:22 UTC 2011

On 06/01/11 7:55 AM, Fred Bauder wrote:
>> There's a huge difference between "consulted Wikipedia on any matter in
>> their professional arena" and "relied exclusively on Wikipedia for a
>> medical matter about a patient's treatment".
>> A doctor might well use it as a regular place (one of several) to double
>> check something, especially obscure areas, or when writing a professional
>> letter (eg to a professional magazine or colleague)
>> FT2
> Sounds good, but I think that is probably at variance with human nature.
> Doctors generally are behind on their reading, what they are
> theoretically responsible for being up to date on is beyond human
> capacity. They have no time to leisurely research relatively simple
> matters in medical journals; thus they rely on Wikipedia as it is an
> effective method to get basic information.

The pharmaceutical reps who parade through doctors' offices are well 
aware of the time shortage.
> They are smart and practical; a characteristic they share with the
> typical student, who will also fail to cite Wikipedia as a source if
> questioned closely by authority.
Not relying on Wikipedia is a form of political correctness. Political 
correctness trumps accuracy.


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