[Foundation-l] Global ban - poetlister?

Scott MacDonald doc.wikipedia at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 3 17:38:02 UTC 2011

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> On 3 June 2011 10:00, Risker <risker.wp at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I too would like to see the development of a process for global
> banning of
> > users who have created serious problems on either the global or the
> > multiple-project level.
> Is there something the Foundation could do to support that happening?
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The first thing you could do is simply decree that the user known as
poetlister is not welcome on any project controlled by the Foundation. This
would be a precedent, but one in fairly unique circumstances (I'm sure
Newyorkbrad is a better place to update you on them that I am. But I have no
doubt you'll agree the need for a ban.) 

Then, if people don't like the precedent of a decree, charge the communities
to develop an agreeable mechanism with appropriate checks and balances, to
handle any future cases - with the caveat that there must be some provision
that can global ban people such as this.


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