[Foundation-l] Wikimedia at events

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 14:23:52 UTC 2011

Fae, 01/06/2011 13:00:
> In the UK we coordinate using a wiki http://uk.wikimedia.org/wiki/Events but
> it's not that great. I would love to see a WMF and Chapter-wide shared
> process for using event calendars that one can subscribe to (depending on
> what countries you want to see) in tools such as Google Calendar and that
> were so easy to maintain that no country would want to go off on a tangent
> to use their own system to coordinate what events they were involved with.

Sadly, the most efficient way WMI has found in last years to keep track 
of all events is our own wiki page 
<http://wikimedia.it/index.php/Diario_di_bordo>; Google Calendar fails 
because only some people can "edit" it and if they forget there's no 
quick way to notice and fix it.


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