[Foundation-l] Wikimania 2011 video on Commons?

Roan Kattouw roan.kattouw at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 18:30:40 UTC 2011

Béria Lima <berialima at ...> writes:

> Itzik you can create a bugzila request to that. I created one for Wikipedia
> Academy in Portugal last year (
> https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26454 ) and you can do the
> same with Wikimania ones. Even each one being 2GB
I'd be happy to import stuff for you if you file a bug. What I need is:

* URL(s) to
** the files themselves. They should already have the correct names
** the file description page (wikitext) for each file, as a .txt file. So the
description page for Foo.ogv should be in Foo.txt
*** as you might glance from this, video should be encoded as OGG Theora to be
uploaded to Commons. Or at least I think that's the format they prefer over
there (right?)
* User name to use for the upload
* Your promise you'll be on line when I import this and will respond to any
pushback from the Commons people if there's something wrong with your file
description pages (templates, licensing, categorization, etc.). I'm just a tech
guy, I don't deal with that stuff

Providing the files as ZIP/TAR/TGZ archives is fine (and preferred for larger
numbers of files). As long as I can get the files to the cluster using wget
(this means the URLs must be publicly accessible without logins or passwords!)
and standard tools such as tar and unzip, I'm happy. If you really have a lot of
data (as you might for what's probably on the order of 5x3x6=90 hours of video)
and are having trouble hosting all of it, you can also put it on a data carrier
(say a stack of DVDs) and mail it to the datacenter by snail mail. But RobH can
tell you more about that option, should you need it.

Roan Kattouw (Catrope)

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