[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Audited Financial Statements for 2009-10 Fiscal Year Now Available

John Vandenberg jayvdb at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 04:06:06 UTC 2010

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 2:45 PM, Robert Rohde <rarohde at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 4:24 PM, John Vandenberg <jayvdb at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The community is being defined in terms of 'people', rather than
>> 'users'.  There are also people with more than one account; iirc, one
>> 'crat on English Wikiquote had ~hundred accounts with more than five
>> edits (Kalki).
> There are also another ~75000 IP accounts generating at least 5 edits
> per month.  It would be even harder than the username case to figure
> out how many unique people this represents.

Sage Ross suggested in todays IRC office hours that it would be
interesting to look at anon members of our community , and I hadn't
thought about this cohort.

Are you sure these are not accounted for in stats.wm.org?

A consideration with these is how often do they become a named
account, and therefore would be counted twice if we simply add

> However, it would still
> seem likely that there is a non-trivial fraction of the contributor
> community who only edit anonymously.


John Vandenberg

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