[Foundation-l] Pending Changes development update: October 25

Rob Lanphier robla at wikimedia.org
Tue Oct 26 01:35:03 UTC 2010

Hi everyone,

This is another update on Pending Changes work.  Over the Hack-a-ton
weekend, Chad Horohoe and Priyanka Dhanda worked on two of the bigger
features for the November 16 Pending Changes update:

Bug 25294 - "Reject" button confirmation screen in Pending Changes

Bug 25289 - Make review load faster by speeding up display of old revisions

As of today, both of these are now deployed to our test site:

Additionally, since the last update, Brandon Harris has made a mockup
available of some additional UI changes:

The full list of issues for the November 16 release is listed here:

We're not sure at this point just how much of the list we're going to
make it through, but we plan to do additional updates shortly after
November 16 with things that we don't get to.

Please provide your input in Bugzilla if you're comfortable with that;
otherwise, please remark on the feedback page:


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