[Foundation-l] Five-year WMF targets exclude non-Wikipedia projects

Andrea Zanni zanni.andrea84 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 12:04:41 UTC 2010

> > The vast majority of our users
> > are using Wikipedia and not the other projects, which means even a
> > small improvement to Wikipedia is likely to have more impact than even
> > a large improvement to one of the other projects.
> That's an unproven assumption. It might even be the opposite, i.e.
> reinforcing Wikipedia might only increase the gap between the
> projects.

 I definitely agree with Yann. The topic is complex, I think that both
assumptions are someway true. Surely, more people using Wikipedia, more
potential viewers on links to sisterprojects, thus more potential users. But
the more Wikipedia is huge, the more it will steal attention form other wiki
project. I'm sure the everyone of you struggle explaining people that
Wiki*m*edia is not Wikipedia, and viceversa. Why this should not apply to
sister projects too?

> > Sue was very clear
> > that prioritising Wikipedia only applies to the WMF.

I was the one who raised his hand during Sue's presentation in Gdansk,
and, as far as I understood, she agreed in mentioning sister-projects in the
targets. If the new slogan of the WMF shifted from "Let it happen" from
"Make it happen",
well, this should be the case.

>  > The community
> > can, and should, continue to improve the other projects, the WMF just
> > feels that its limited resources are better used where they will have
> > more impact.

I understand this, but we are not asking the 90% of the limited resources,
just a recognition that we exist and we are doing our best to create useful
and reliable (free) content.

WM Italy

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