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Mon Oct 25 01:44:59 UTC 2010

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> Perhaps you aren't listening? Although I do notice moments where you 
> tend to make the same points. Still what I'm trying to do is to at least 
> get some here to think as to how one might produce a body of work that 
> can be relied upon. Where the body of work isn't continually under 
> attack or being buggered about with. >>

Perhaps it's you were aren't listening.  Because we already know how "one 
might produce a body of work *upon which* one can rely".

That's not the problem however with your "suggestions".
Rather, you want to *change* Wikipedia into that sort of work.  Or rather I 
think actually you'd have wished it had been that way from the get-go.

But it wasn't, it's not, and it's not really likely that this sort of 
approach is one in which you'll find a result that you would wish.
Doesn't it seem to you like this sort of method, is not likely to work?
I mean, posting your grievances here on Foundation-L ?


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