[Foundation-l] Paid editing, was Re: Ban and moderate

Milos Rancic millosh at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 07:16:53 UTC 2010

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 08:02, Fred Bauder <fredbaud at fairpoint.net> wrote:
> So, to take a random example that I have not looked at, what would a
> public relations firm hired by the maker of Lipitor be trying to
> accomplish? And what is the result if they are skillful in terms of
> having collaborative editing skills? Is this now, or could it develop, as
> a specialized profession?

What I find to be easy to explain to any reasonable PR person is to
read the rules and not to go outside of them. The vast majority of PR
needs in relation to Wikipedia (and some other Wikimedia projects,
most notably Wikinews) is visibility, not PR crisis management.

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