[Foundation-l] subtitles for Wikimedia videos

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Thu Oct 21 12:20:30 UTC 2010

An'n 04.10.2010 21:32, hett Erik Moeller schreven:
> 2010/10/3 Marcus Buck<me at marcusbuck.org>:
>> I saw it unfolded now. Thanks! One small issue: 'nds' is not Dutch. It's
>> Low Saxon. And I have no subtitle selection menu (just an on/off switch
>> that gives me random language subtitles) with HTML5, but I guess that's
>> a problem of either my browser or YouTube and cannot be fixed on
>> Wikimedia's side.
> Thanks for the report. I've made a renewed call for translations here:
> http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/translators-l/2010-October/001184.html
> Please continue to report any issues. We'll import any new
> translations and fixes after the translation deadline, October 15.

Sigh. I just checked the videos. 'nds' isn't called "Dutch" anymore, 
istead it is now called "German: Low German". I have no idea what that 
is supposed to mean. In one of the other videos it is called "German: 
LowGerman" and in one even "German". The language 'nds' refers to is 
called "Low Saxon" and I don't think that Low Saxon will be all that 
useful for users expecting German subtitles after clicking on "German".

How about just using the same labels we use on our interwiki links?

Marcus Buck

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