[Foundation-l] Russian police probe Wikipedia for extremism

Виктория mstislavl1 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 10:00:04 UTC 2010

Stanislav Kozlovskiy is a vice-president of Wikimedia Russia.
> It is still not clear whether this is hoax or somebody really filed a
> lawsuit.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
As I understand it he didn't file the lawsuit, he just complained to the
police. The police was obliged to tick the box contacting somebody but they
don't take it too seriously. The files in question - а  translation of
Mussolini book  and a leaglet about Beslan were already removed from the
Russian Wikisource. As for The Ultimatum to remove all fascist simbols form
all articles I don't think he can or will do anything about it.


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