[Foundation-l] Please delete mo. wikipedia: Coherent proposal

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Wed Oct 13 17:28:16 UTC 2010

  I created a small test script at 
<http://nds.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruker:Slomox/vector2.js>. Works well to 
Cyrillize nds.wp ;-) (or any other wiki). It only supports reading so 
far, editing will be harder. The problem will be cases like a Romanian 
article written in Latin script and containing Cyrillic characters on 
purpose (like <http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscova>). The word "Москва́ 
" in the first line would be latinized when a Cyrillic user edits it. 
Hard to fix it without escaping (which is done with -{ ... }- syntax in 
conversion wikis like zh or sr). But with escaping we are again at 
imposing stuff on ro.wp. Cyrillic users could escape strings in the edit 
window which would be removed on save, but that of course means escaping 
on every edit. On the other hand Javascript-based escaping could lead to 
increased revert quotas if Cyrillic users forget to Javascript-escape 
strings. Well, that's all theory as long as there are no active 
Transnistrians editors...

Marcus Buck

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