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On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 10:10 AM, geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> The following message was rejected by moderators, but I think it is
>> worth noting on this list.
>> Whether 'we' like it or not, Gregory Kohs is asking probing questions
>> and ignoring him is not making him go away; quite the contrary
>> actually.
>> http://www.examiner.com/wiki-edits-in-national/gregory-kohs
> Paying attention to him isn't helping either. We are not short of
> people to ask probing questions/

Nobody else asked these questions.

Did Philippe Beaudette work for Q2 Consulting, or is Greg Kohs wrong?
Was this contract more than USD$5,000?
If so, I assume that this contract falls under the Purchasing &
Disbursements policy, and needed to be signed by Executive Director or
the Deputy Director plus the CFOO.
Were other firms considered by whoever signed this?
Does WMF have a policy which sets some parameters around when
contracts must be competitively sourced?  If not, they should.  I
don't mind if a $5,000 contract isn't competitively sourced, but I
would be disturbed if it was a $20,000 contract.


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>> Unfortunately, neither Philippe Beaudette nor Jay Walsh would respond
>> to the question about competitive bidding for this important study of
>> WMF donors, so the article in Examiner.com ran without their comment.
> Examiner.com is Gregory Kohs self publishing. He gets a share of the
> ad revenue on the articles he publishes so of course he is going to
> want to post them to this list.

Greg wouldn't have a story if someone at WMF had answered the questions here.

>> (Note, according to Alexa.com, Examiner receives more Internet reach
>> than Business Week, Time Magazine, or CBS News.)
> Or to put it another way a bunch of sites unlikely to game their alexa rank.

How would Examiner.com do that?  Do they do that?

John Vandenberg

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