[Foundation-l] External links to PHP scripts

Alex mrzmanwiki at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 22:42:07 UTC 2010

On 10/11/2010 12:48 PM, WJhonson at aol.com wrote:
> I stumbled upon a link on the Talk Page of Henry Fonda (which I removed) 
> which directs the reader to a page that contains a PHP script.
> That idea disturbs me, I think it should be, but I'm not sure it is, 
> against policy.
> Do we have a policy that forbids or at least discourages the use of links 
> to pages with embedded scripts?

Such a policy would prohibit linking to most of the internet. PHP is a
very common language to make websites with; its what MediaWiki is
written in. PHP is executed server-side, so its not inherently more
dangerous than plain HTML, at least not significantly so to the extent
that we should avoid linking to a page on the sole basis that it uses
PHP. Its files that are executed client-side, outside of the browser
like exe and zip files that we need to be concerned about.

Alex (wikipedia:en:User:Mr.Z-man)

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