[Foundation-l] Controversial Content Study Part 3

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Mon Oct 11 11:57:11 UTC 2010

  An'n 11.10.2010 13:15, hett wiki-list at phizz.demon.co.uk schreven:
> thepmaccount at gmail.com wrote:
>> failed at copy / paste - with apologies, here is the link to the image
>> I would think it best to remove permanently;
>> http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Closeup_of_female_masturbation_pastel.jpg&action=edit&redlink=1
> You are aware that, if it is an image is of an underage person, then in some jurisdictions clicking on that link and having the image downloaded in your browser cache is illegal? Also that having it found in someone's browser cache could cause them to be barred from various types of employment for life. And additionally the same would be true if the image was embedded on a wikipage which someone clicked on.
The file doesn't exist anymore, so that's hardly a problem. I don't know 
the original image but if it was an image of a 16 year old that's not 
"child pornography". It's illegal and I agree that it's illegal for a 
good reason, but it's not sexual child abuse. And every legislation that 
deems a single image of a naked underage girl in your cache illegal or 
would lead to a lifetime employment barring is plain moronic. The 
internet is full of this stuff. Nota bene: not full of "child abuse", 
but full of material of biologically mature, but underage individuals 
("amateur" porn).

As the amount of consumed non-professionally produced porn grows, the 
probability to encounter underage porn approaches 1.

Marcus Buck

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