[Foundation-l] How to improve quality of Wikipedia?

Przykuta przykuta at o2.pl
Mon Oct 11 07:27:54 UTC 2010

> Przykuta, 11/10/2010 08:37:
> > BTW - I've seen, that in some (smaller) Wikipedias newbies are welcome by bots. We try welcome only users with any activity and newbies are welcome by [[MediaWiki:Welcomecreation]] page with links to help pages.
> [[MediaWiki:Welcomecreation]] is almost useless, IMHO: you can't read it 
> again after account creation.
> Welcome on talk page is useful because the user can read hints when he 
> wants (I appreciated this a lot when I was a newbie) and because it 
> offers help from another user (simplest form of coaching/mentoring).
> Bots are ok, even if someone is worried about disk space (when 
> substituting) or job queue (when leaving a template). Welcoming inactive 
> users may be useful because 1) lots of users get lost and don't edit 
> even if they would to, and some hint may encourage them, 2) usually bots 
> won't re-check activity of older accounts and you may end up with lots 
> of not welcomed users. Default configuration of welcome.py is to welcome 
> every non-automatically created (SUL) account, if I remember correctly.
> Recently some wikis have started to use 
> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:NewUserMessage
> Nemo

Huh. Yes, but when bot welcome newbie, "he" can't help this user. If I welcome, I offer my personal help. We welcome all if they are active:


But... welcome by bot + link to "Adopt-a-User" page. Hmm. I will think about this. In welcomecreation is a link to this tutorial: 



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