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Sun Oct 10 21:26:10 UTC 2010

  An'n 10.10.2010 22:50, hett M. Williamson schreven:
> Yes, and I would like to remind you that until relatively recently,
> all varieties of Romanian/Moldovan were always written in Cyrillic.
> Anti-Cyrillic position is to state that Moldovan Cyrillic is an
> artificial, Russian-based orthography, but some Soviet linguists
> stated that it was a reform of Romanian Cyrillic, which to me does not
> seem entirely incredible. In fact, the old Romanian Cyrillic alphabet
> was used exclusively until about the 1860s, and still used by some
> until the 1920s. Moldovan Cyrillic was first used in 1926, thus an
> argument can be made...
The first documented Romanian text in Cyrillic is from the 16th century 
and the first documented Romanian text in Latin is from the 16th century 
too (although a few years younger). Both systems where in use in the 
following centuries (although Cyrillic was used a bit more often). 
Romanian was an unregulated language and every writer chose whatever 
orthography and script he knew better. This unregulated state basically 
lasted till 1860 when the United Principalities of Wallachia and 
Moldavia officially regulated the language and chose for the Latin 
script. The United Principalities didn't encompass all areas where 
Romanian was spoken and it took some time until the regulation took hold 
among all Romanians. This recognition phase indeed lasted till the 1920s.

The 1926 regulated Cyrillic script was not based on the old unregulated 
Cyrillic script but was newly designed from scratch to replace the Latin 

Marcus Buck

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