[Foundation-l] How to improve quality of Wikipedia?

Przykuta przykuta at o2.pl
Sun Oct 10 10:46:39 UTC 2010

> *Dzień dobry, *Przykuta
> One of Wikipedia perennial dilemmas is quantity vs. quality. Low depth and
> low articles to non-auricles ratio usually a sign that too many articles
> were created semiautomatically, by bots and the community is spread too thin
> e.g. there is not enough people to correct and discuss these articles.
> Therefore, the first possible thing to do is to stop increasing the number
> of bot articles - at the stage of development of Polish Wikipedia they do
> more harm than good.

Huh. We did not create articles by bots (from 2007) we create thousends of articles in these years and depth has been still weak. 


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