[Foundation-l] Liu Xiaobo

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Fri Oct 8 23:46:43 UTC 2010

>> Well, do we actually prevent some viewpoint from being expressed
>> adequately?
>> How about a list?
>> Fred Bauder
> I have a better idea.
> Peter is simply too offensive at times to be an unmoderated list
> participant.
> No further discussion is needed...

Well, it's not a promising start, but I have, for example heard a few
complaints that the views of Lyndon LaRouche were not fully expressed,
but of course, the problem is that some of them may not be notable. The
views of the politboro of China are secret. I can't say we fall down
there. Is there someone out there who is unable to edit due to having
unpopular views?

I speak not of someone who insists on calling people names and
editwarring, but someone who is willing to discuss the matter.


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