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Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Tue Oct 5 22:27:12 UTC 2010

  An'n 06.10.2010 00:00, hett Muhammad Yahia schreven:
>>   The Romanian Wikipedia would be eligible when support
>> is provided / allowed for the Cyrillic script.
>> I do not involve myself in the closures of projects. Typically they are not
>> closed and often people have agendas asking for closures.
> So a Romanian language would not be eligible unless it allowed support
> for Cyrillic, even if there is no community that is interested in writing in
> it?
There's nothing in the language proposal policy that says anything like 
that and many Wikipedia versions have been created without support for 
all common scripts. So that's not true.
> My point is simply that there seems to be a lot of discussion, but I am yet
> to see participation from people who actually want to read and write in
> Cyrillic. I've seen the requests for closure repeated over the years after
> it was frozen, but I have not seen anyone speaking for the community that
> supposedly finds mo.wp useful who is actually part of that community.
Well, as I said more than 99% of Romanian speakers live in Romania and 
Moldova and use Latin script. There are only 177,000 speakers of 
Romanian in Transnistria. There are some schools that teach Latin script 
even in Transnistria (the government prohibits it in public schools, but 
some public schools were turned into private schools to make it legal). 
So the number is definitely lower than 177,000. Then there are some 
people who haven't learned Latin in school, but who have learned later. 
Where Russification policies were successful many use ru.wp. Internet 
penetration in Transnistria in general is low. All this adds up. From a 
purely statistical point of view it's unlikely that there's a big number 
of possible contributors in a population small like that (the language 
proposal policy speaks of 5 users as a the minimum to approve a new 
Wikipedia edition).

Marcus Buck

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