[Foundation-l] Please delete mo. wikipedia

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Tue Oct 5 21:48:21 UTC 2010

  An'n 05.10.2010 22:56, hett Gerard Meijssen schreven:
> Hoi,
> Your approach is the wrong one. Our aim is to bring information to all
> people of this world. When people leave for political reasons, they are
> welcome to leave. Their point of view is clearly not the Neutral Point Of
> View that is also expected of them in their contributions.
> Thanks,
>         GerardM

So you would be willing to blow up the active ro.wp project just to be 

Read <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moldovan_schools_in_Transnistria>. 
They want to switch to Latin since long but the government does 
everything to stop them.

Wikipedia - although free to be edited by everyone - is usually edited 
by educated people. It's very likely that most educated Transnistrians 
know how to write Romanian in Latin anyway. It'll still be 
"discrimination" to those who are not educated enough to know Romanian 
in Latin.

But to me actual content is much more important than the ideology of 
"can be edited by everyone". I don't want to sacrifice dozens of actual 
working Wikipedians just for the ideological and theoretical chance of a 
1% minority to edit.

Gerard and Mark, the most likely outcome of making this a discussion of 
ideology is, that the status quo will stay. The status quo is the worst 
possible outcome. The current content of mo.wp is useless. So at the 
moment there is no useful Wikipedia content at all for users of 
Cyrillic. My solution is not ideologically pure, but it at least 
provides access to the full content of ro.wp to the Cyrillic users. Your 
solution is ideologically pure, but will be devastating to ro.wp and 
damage that wiki severely. Therefore I ask everyone to prevent that the 
status quo is kept and to implement a realistic solution.

Marcus Buck

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