[Foundation-l] Has Wikipedia changed since 2005?

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 16:05:07 UTC 2010

Peter wrote:

2. An initiative to highlight 5 "top importance" articles and get them to GA
or FA.  There are very few FA status articles, compared to the rest of the

3.  Another initiative to re-classify the top 50 articles in terms of
importance and quality (I looked at this and some are wildly out of line).


These are obviously good ideas and the sort of effort that most
wikiprojects engage in. There's no question that an active philosophy
wikiproject could pursue this type of initiative and have an impact,
but I thought the premise to this discussion was that the participants
of this particular wikiproject had been driven off and left the 'pedia
without the resources to attempt this sort of thing.


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