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M. Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 03:24:13 UTC 2010

Zachary, contrary to characterizations made by others on this thread,
that is exactly what happened. The Wiki was active, there were users
creating articles, but unfortunately political considerations took top
priority in a community vote that was held, which essentially pitted
Russians against Romanians, with minimal Moldovan input and 0 input
from Transnistria, the main territory where Cyrillic Moldovan is used.
The Romanians were able to get more votes by posting a sitenotice on
ro.wp, and the mo.wp Wiki was suddenly locked.

Now Marcus has proposed a solution where there is 0 content in
Cyrillic Moldovan until a converter is up and running, which I have a
feeling will probably never come to fruition, which is why I have
proposed that as a precondition for any final deletion of the mo.wp.
Then, in Marcus' proposal, the Cyrillic converter would be read-only,
so users of Cyrillic Moldovan would be unable to contribute in their
own language and script on their Wikipedia, which violates the Wiki
principle of "anybody can contribute".

My proposal: Move mo.wp to mo-cyrl.wp or ro-cyrl.wp as an interim
measure. Create converter, once converter is created AND enabled,
delete mo-cyrl.wp.


2010/10/3 Zachary Harden <zscout370 at hotmail.com>:
> Greetings,
>> We don't do this if the project is valid, just inactive and can restart
>> at a later date. But we usually remove projects entirely if they are
>> closed forever. See tokipona.wikipedia.org or tlh.wikipedia.org.
>> Marcus Buck
>> User:Slomox
> The project was active, but judging by the comments made before and after the closure, it was closed due to a political spat (like a lot of projects coming from the Eastern Bloc).
> Regards,
> Zachary Harden
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