[Foundation-l] Has Wikipedia changed since 2005?

Andreas Kolbe jayen466 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 3 15:40:23 UTC 2010

Geni, would you like to describe how you research sources?

> So I can run a 30 second search on the british library
> catalogue than
> go back to doing what I was going to do all along. Great
> use of my
> time.

> Great except it all the results only cover a single
> nation's canals
> and building up a knowledge base like that simply isn't
> viable
> timewise. Have you any idea how long it would take to read
> 47K books?
> Strangely none of which are the book most cited in the
> current
> article.

> Which has nothing to do with your original position.
> Remember you
> wanted people to review the literature.

"Review" that does not mean "read everything there is from cover to cover." 

Perhaps I should say "survey the literature" rather than "review". The point is to identify the most promising and authoritative sources in the field.

Identifying useful sources and incorporating them is a gradual process. Many good editors work on an article over a period of years.



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