[Foundation-l] Has Wikipedia changed since 2005?

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> It was never intended however to be a collaboration amongst experts, but
> rather an encyclopedia built *by* the masses, for the masses.  That was 
> the
> intent.  In this, it has succeeded, for better or worse.

But in certain areas it has not succeeded at all - philosophy in particular, 
and to a certain extent the humanities.  The question is why is that so.  A 
very plausible explanation is the one that Sarah has so cogently explained.

Also, you are wrong about the intention.  The purpose is to be a 
comprehensive and reliable reference source, bringing the sum of all human 
knowledge to every person on the planet.  It is not some gigantic social 
levelling scheme, as you seem to be implying.

Will, can you try and focus on the three questions and keep this on-topic.

1.  Is there a quality problem in certain areas.  Yes or no?

2.  If there is a problem, are there any underlying or systematic reasons?

3. If there are any underlying or systematic reasons, can they easily be 

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