[Foundation-l] Statement on appropriate educational content

Joan Goma jrgoma at gmail.com
Sat May 15 11:34:29 UTC 2010

*The roots of the problem*

Michael, if the Board is analyzing the issue then it should address the
roots of the problem.

The fact that recent discussion has taken place around sexual images has the
advantage that sex raises a lot of interest from everybody.

But from my point of view the issue is grounded in two deeper problems: 1)
what happens if the board takes a decision against the community consensus?
2) What happens if the community of a project rejects discussing deeply an
issue up to finding a consensus, if they simply vote and applies the
majority decision?

It seems to me that this is what happened. The community defined a policy
without analyzing the issue deeply enough, they didn’t reached a consensus.
The board decided that this should addressed and Jimbo actuated.

Perhaps this is a caricature of what happened. Surely the real story is far
more complex. There was an open debate in the community, the board
resolution was more or less ambiguous, and the actions of Jimbo could have
been more polite. But I believe that the roots of the problem are more or
less there.

*Proposed changes in the system*

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