[Foundation-l] Removing questions about me and my role from this discussion

Joan Goma jrgoma at gmail.com
Sun May 9 20:37:04 UTC 2010

The founder’s flag give to a single man a huge power. I can’t trust on
almost anybody to hold that power. But In less than two days Jimbo has
resigned of this power. By doing this he has proven that he is one of the
sparse people we can trust.

Wikimedia movement is a complex system. Capacity to take decisions is
distributed among a lot of stakeholders. Up to now it has worked pretty

Along all this discussions I think several weaknesses of Wikimedia movement
arisen: This power on single man hands, the foundation need for money, the
power concentration in the hands of the board, the feeling that the members
of the project can’t do anything, the possibility of forking and creating a
project ruled by the chapters… And I could add more, by example: the flags
system is organized in a pyramidal way.

I think that removing a single piece of this system instead of solving any
problem can unbalance the whole. More if this piece has proved extraordinary
good results in the past and extraordinary positive attitude in the present.

Please give Jimbo those flags back. And start altogether a process of
rethinking the whole Wikimedia governance. Improve the system as a whole;
find the mechanisms allowing that it is not needed that anybody holds this
I have opened this page on meta:


> On 5/9/10 4:18 PM, Thomas Dalton wrote:
> > I notice you have kept "protect" and "undelete". Is that intentional?
> > If so, can you explain your thinking behind that decision?
> I just removed undelete, manage global groups, and edit membership to
> global groups.  I did that before I saw your note, so I missed
> "protect".  It's not important one way or the other.
> My purpose here is for us to stop chattering about this aspect of things
> - which I don't care about.  People seem to want to fight me on it,
> perhaps expecting me to dig in my heels.  Everyone loves a good fight,
> even me, but this is not a fight that we need to have.
> --Jimbo

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