Sans objet

Wed Mar 24 19:33:50 UTC 2010

And I would even say it is a model of collaboration between the Board
and local communities.

If I understand correctly, the reason why this approach was not
followed this time is because there was apparently a feeling of
urgency. I am not privy to the discussions between Jimmy and Fox News,
but I understand Fox's story is the source of Jimmy's =C2=AB bold and
decisive action =C2=BB, as you put it.

It is not unprecedented for the Board to =C2=AB guide =C2=BB the community =
fails to address an issue (and we have processes for that that have
proved successful). However, I believe it is quite unprecedented for a
Board member to exercise editorial control under the pressure of
another organization (however =C2=AB fair and balanced =C2=BB it might be).

Guillaume Paumier

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