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Wed Mar 24 19:33:50 UTC 2010

answer a payload to be subscribed. That will produce lots of problems
when its mailing lists gets sent spam messages with faked from headers.
It could even be abused as a remailer.
I'm pretty sure it is mentioned in some RFC, but it's proper netiquette

> And I would say, that the biggest disadvantage Librelist currently has is
> this: Since it is a relatively new community project, it's hard to trust
> that it will stay operating and well-maintained for years. People don't want
> to start a mailing list on a service that might get closed 6 months from
> now. The founder of Librelist seems enthusiastic enough, but this is a
> non-profit project for him, so it's impossible to be certain that he will
> not become too busy for the project in the future.

That can be solved to some extent by making it easy to fork. I see that
the mailing lists are rsyncable which is very nice.
If the mailing list admin can download with a click a mailing list
backup that can be installed on a server with a couple of clicks should
librelist go down. (Note that these contain email addresses so they must
not be public)

> I think that the Wikimedia foundation should sponsor this project. I think
> it wouldn't require a big amount of resources, but it will require the
> persistence and reliability over time that Wikimedia has shown with
> Wikipedia and its other projects.

I don't think that fits cleanly into the Mission, but the decision is up
to the board.

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