[Foundation-l] Swedish Wikipedians removes Wikimedia logos

Kwan Ting Chan ktc at ktchan.info
Mon Mar 29 22:31:02 UTC 2010

Marcus Buck wrote:
> The Swedish Wikipedia decision is consequent and logical. Logos are 
> copyrighted. Copyrighted material cannot be included. So no logos. It's 
> plain and simple. The problem is not the reasonable decision of the 
> Swedish Wikipedia, but the unreasonable decision of the Foundation to 
> claim copyright for the logos. The foundation did that because they 
> thought that would make it easier to defend the brand. But that's just 
> intermingling trademarks and copyright. Trademark protection does 
> everything we need. No need for additional copyright protection. The 
> Coca Cola logo is PD-old (and in many jurisdictions also PD-ineligible) 
> and they have no problem defending their brand. Why should Wikimedia 
> logos be any different?
> Just release the logos under a free license and the problem will be gone.

Or just use common sense that it's silly for a Wikimedia project to say 
it's not allowed to use a logo own by Wikimedia Foundation....


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