[Foundation-l] Call for Wikimania Scholarship Applications

Tim Landscheidt tim at tim-landscheidt.de
Sat Mar 27 20:38:26 UTC 2010

Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton at gmail.com> wrote:

>> No, British citizens with an identity card can enter the EEA
>> and Switzerland without a passport in the same way that I as
>> a German citizen do not need a passport to enter the UK.

> http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Foreigntravel/BeforeYouTravel/DG_4016874

> This official UK government page seems to disagree with you.

This official UK government page seems to agree with me:

| [...]
| Entry requirements

| Passport validity

| You need a passport or a National Identity Card (see the
| website of the Identity and Passports Service (IPS)) to en-
| ter Poland.
| [...]



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