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I have created a central page for this discussion:


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On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 6:42 AM, Anthony <wikimail at inbox.org> wrote:

> What's going on over at Wikiversity?  Jimmy Wales has now been threatened
> with a block by someone who seems to be an admin in good standing, and he
> responds that he has "the full support of the Wikimedia Foundation".  Is
> this true?  What does it mean?
> Wales also has said that he is "discussing closure of Wikiversity with the
> board".  Is there a public place where this is being debated, or is this
> all
> being done behind the scenes?  Is it even true that this discussion is
> taking place?
> I'm sorry if I'm repeating some discussion that's already been had, but I
> checked the archives and I couldn't find anything.
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PM created a page explaining how to sock and sirupt. Someone deleted it.
Jimmy then deleted the whole project the page it belong and blocked. Somone
unblocked and reverted. jimmy fired his desysop gun, he didn't get community
support, then he called board to close wikiversity as a pressure measure.

I am currently discussing the closure of Wikiversity with the board. That is
an unlikely outcome, but I mention it because I really want to press the
point that the scope of Wikiversity has to be restricted to genuine OER. I
think that my actions here are strongly supportive of the genuine community
who want to do that, making it clear to them that they have very strong
support for making it happen. Some may feel that Wikiversity should be a
place for silly and juvenile experimentation. If people want to discuss such
things, there is an entire Internet open to them - they should not hijack
Wikiversity for these purposes.--Jimbo
Wales<http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/User:Jimbo_Wales>14:49, 13 March
2010 (UTC)

basically, jimbo is using his power muscle outside english wikipedia and
he's not getting the support he usually has. Therefore, he pokes at the
board. That's my personal reading
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