[Foundation-l] Call for Participation - Wikimedia Track at the Open Knowledge Conference/Wikimedia UK AGM 2010

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Wed Mar 10 00:09:36 UTC 2010

For anyone in the UK (or willing to visit the UK ;-) that hasn't seen  
the below, please take a look. Apologies for the cross-posting. This  
event is also hosting Wikimedia UK's AGM, so it is fairly  
important. ;-) Please distribute it to anyone else that you think  
might be interested.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: joseph seddon <life_is_bitter_sweet at hotmail.co.uk>
> Date: 25 February 2010 12:01:55 GMT
> Subject: [Wikimediauk-l] Open Knowledge Conferece - Wikimedia Track  
> (Call for Participation)
> Reply-To: wikimediauk-l at lists.wikimedia.org
> This year Wikimedia UK is partnering with the Open Knowledge  
> Foundation in the organisation of the 2010 Open Knowledge  
> Conference ("OKCon"), an interdisciplinary conference that brings  
> together individuals from across the open knowledge spectrum for a  
> day of presentations and workshops.
> At this year's conference, Wikimedia UK will be supporting and  
> organising a track dedicated to the projects and communities  
> central to Wikimedia.
> We need your help to create an exciting and interesting track that  
> will inspire and challenge Wikimedians and others alike. Could you  
> give a presentation or host a discussion on a Wikimedia theme? Any  
> subject relevant to the Wikimedia communities, free content or  
> Wikimedia UK are welcome.
> Timeline
> February 25 (Thursday): Submissions will open
> March 28 (Sunday) 23:59 UTC: Closure of submission dates
> April 7 (Wednesday): Notification of acceptance of submission
> April 24 (Saturday): Open Knowledge Conference 2010
> If you wish to participate but with good reason cannot meet one of  
> the above deadlines please email conferences at wikimedia.org.uk  
> before the deadline as it may be possible to accomodate late  
> submissions Themes Submissions should address one or more of the  
> following themes:
> Wikimedia Communities - Interesting projects and characteristics  
> within the communities; policy creation; conflict resolution and  
> community dynamics; reputation and identity; multilingualism,  
> languages and cultures; the development of Wikimedia UK.
> Free Content - Open access to information; ways to gather and  
> distribute free knowledge, usage of the Wikimedia projects in  
> education, journalism, research; ways to improve content quality  
> and usability; copyright laws and their interaction with Wikimedia  
> projects.
> Culture and Heritage - Ideas for potential partnerships, building  
> on previous partnerships and the legal, technical and resource  
> issues that are barriers to such partnerships.
> Technical infrastructure - Issues related to MediaWiki development  
> and extensions; Wikimedia hardware layout; the Toolserver; the  
> Usability Project; new ideas for development (including Usability  
> case studies from other wikis or similar projects).
> Submission Guidelines Please email submissions to  
> conferences at wikimedia.org.uk. Please email the following details,  
> all in English:
> Title:
> Theme: Closest category from above for your submission.
> Abstract: 50-100 words summarising the topic
> Summary: Detailed description of the topic - 300 words or more. May  
> contain a link to a more details.
> Contact information: Email/Telephone and whether we may publish  
> these details
> Additional Information:
> 1-3 sentence biography of the author(s).
> any special requirements (e.g. flipchart; OHP. A digital  
> presentation will be assumed as standard)
> whether you will attend the 2010 Open Knowledge Conference (a)  
> definitely, (b) probably, (c) only if your submission is accepted.
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