[Foundation-l] Creating articles in small wikipedias based on user requirement

Shiju Alex shijualexonline at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 10:54:56 UTC 2010

Recently I had a discussion with one of my fellow Malayalam wikipedian (
http://ml.wikipedia.org) about the creation of new articles in small
wikipedias like ours. He is one the few users who is keen on creating new
articles *based on the requirement of our readers*. (Of course we have many
people who only reads our wiki)

During discussion he raised this interesting point:

Some feature is required in the MediaWiki software that enable us to see a
list of keywords used most frequently by the users to search for non-exist
articles. If we get such a list then some users like him can concentrate on
creating articles using that key words.

Of course, I know that this feature may not be helpful for big wikis like
English. But for small wikis (especially small non-Latin language wikis),
this will be of great help. It is almost like* creating wiki articles based
on user requirement*.

I would like to know your opinion regarding the same.


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