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Sat Jul 24 19:38:43 UTC 2010

Sue Gardner wrote:
> Sorry to top-post.
> Google and Flickr actually handle this quite differently though, I
> think, Andreas.  Going from memory -- I think that Google defaults to
> a "moderate" setting, but allows users to easily switch to an
> unfiltered setting. As long as they allow cookies, users don't need
> to be registered, and there's no other impediment to switching that
> I'm aware of.
> Flickr also defaults to moderate, but in order to get unfiltered
> results you need to be registered, and I think you might also have to
> make some kind of statement about how old you are.  So, you can't see
> unfiltered results on Flickr without jumping through some hoops. And,
> users in a small number of countries (going from memory I think they
> include Singapore, India, Korea and Germany) do not have the option
> to see unfiltered results.

Flickr defaults to SAFE. Registered users can switch on moderate. Over 
18s can switch on restricted.

> Plus, I believe that certain types of content are disallowed entirely
> throughout Flickr, although I don't know what they are or how that is
> policed.

They don't allow photos of shit eating or piss drinking, nor do they 
allow child porn, or photos of people being fucked up the arse or cunt 
by dogs and other animals nor of guys fucking animals either.

They do they allow revenge postings, or tributes where someone takes a 
photo of someone ejaculates over it photographs and posts the resulting 
mess. Extreme bondage and S&M, fisting, the insertion of bottles and 
other non sex toys into anuses or vaginas, all those are out.

Also they do not tolerate upskirt and down blouse photos, nor predatory 
photos of people walking in the street - tight crops of butts, breasts, 
groins etc.

> So the devil is very much in the details :-)

Indeed it is. But you could allow all of the above so long as it was 
properly filtered. Then I can choose whether or not I see someone eating 
shit whilst browsing the site.

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