[Foundation-l] video presentation on explicit images on WMF projects

private musings thepmaccount at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 06:05:52 UTC 2010

G'day all,
I continue to have concerns related to the growing number of explicit images
on WMF projects (largely commons) - but rather than banging on with dull
mailing list posts which gaurantee a chorus of groans, I'm trying to be a
bit less dull, and have made a short video presentation.
It's my intention to work on this with a few like minded wiki volunteers,
and probably then make a sort of alternate version for youtube etc. to see
what the general feeling is out there.... what I'd really like is for the
foundation to acknowledge that this is an issue where some regulation may be
necessary (or indeed, where the discussion of potential benefits of some
regulation is even conceivable) - I hope the board, or the advisory board,
might also be interested in offering some thoughts / recommendations too.
I've used a selection of explicit images from Commons, so please only click
through if you're over the age of majority;
ps. I'm also particularly interested if anyone can point me to where
'section 2257' (record keeping) issues may have previously been discussed -
is it the current foundation position that section 230 acts as an exemption
to these requirements?

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