[Foundation-l] Pieter Kuiper

Adam Cuerden cuerden at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 20:25:08 UTC 2010

It concerns me greatly that Commons seems unable to deal with a user who, at
various times, has attacked a Jew with anti-semitic cartoons, has thrown
racist abuse at a German theen harassed that user - and still has numbers of
admins willing to unblock him, simply because he does supposedly good work
on Deletion reviews. Diod I mention the Jew was blocked for several months

Pieter has harassed numerous users away from contributing to Wikipedia. That
he is still editing after all he's done is disgraceful. Commons'
administration has clearly failed, and failed horribly.

A list of evidence follows:

The most recent incident was racist abuse against a German user, followed by
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File_talk:Farrel.jpg and

The report, which before I noticed and acted upon it was full of people
claiming that racist abuse was fine, and that Pieter was being harassed by
being called out on it, is here:


Pieter has a block log as long as your arm:

However, he also has an unblock log, where the same few admins constantly
unblock him, without insisting on a change in the problematic behaviour.
This is a user who gets serial warnings and second chances, all the time
becoming bolder and bolder.

A few past incidents will suffice:

The Wall of Shame incident, and the Havang_nl harassment.

Pieter's modus operandi has been to attempt to harass admins who do things
he dislikes by scouring their image uploads to find something to  request
deletion on. The validity of these deletions varies in quality, and are
often grasping at straws. Several of the blocks in the block log are for

One of the clearest incidents was when he attempted to refight old battles
where the DR had gone against him, attacking the admins who uploaded and the
admins who closed the DRs as keep. Here's the wall of shame he created.


The next few edits are him editwarring to keep the Wall of Shame up. He got
blocked for this. He made an unblock, and Havang_nl denied it. So he
promptly attacked Havang.



I believe there were other incidents involving antisemitic cartoons being
used to attack Mbz1, a Jew, but one can be found here, where he constantly
insists on including a cartoon which he knows will upset said Jew.

this was followed by a WP:POINTy FPC nomination

It's clear that Commons cannot handle him, and I beseech the Foundation to
step in, investigate the matter, and deal with it. I also think  that every
administrator invoilved in defending him, and encouraging the harassment of
other users, should lose their admin rights.

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