[Foundation-l] getting Wikipedia to the 5.2 billion people who can't access it

Anthony wikimail at inbox.org
Sun May 31 16:16:51 UTC 2009

On Sun, May 31, 2009 at 11:15 AM, Mark Williamson <node.ue at gmail.com> wrote:

> Your idea that the fact that the statistic counts over 25% of US
> Americans as not being internet users must mean a very strict
> definition is used is not necessarily correct.

Touche.  I was equating "internet user" with "someone with internet
access".  That, broadly defined, is the statistic that this thread is about:
"getting Wikipedia to the ??? people who can't access it".  Apparently that
??? is significantly less than 5.2 billion, but more information on the
demographics of those people would be helpful.  In fact, if there are a few
people seriously interested in this, maybe we could start a focus group to
better define the problem and come up with a half dozen proposed solutions.

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