[Foundation-l] Testing of the LocalisationUpdate extension

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Fri May 29 10:16:41 UTC 2009

We have been testing the LocalisationUpdate extension for some time now and,
we consider it quite good at the moment. We have been testing it in a test
environment and we would like to expand our testing to MediaWiki wikis that
do not run in English or any of the other languages that are already
completely localised. What we are looking for are Wikis that are/will be
running MediaWiki 1.15 and would like to experience that the localisation
for their Wiki gets updated with later localisations.

Obviously in order for this to work, there have to be people localising for
your language.

What we offer is help with the installation of the extension and support
with the running of the extension on your MediaWiki wiki. We are looking for
five wikis with five different languages. We can make this offer for wikis
where you are able to install new extensions and, where you can add a

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