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Ting Chen wing.philopp at gmx.de
Sat May 23 08:34:10 UTC 2009

Hallo Arne,

welcome and looking forward to meet you and work with you.


Jan-Bart de Vreede wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> As  you may recall the board was restructured last year around this  
> time. At that time we asked the chapters to select two board members  
> for the board. This would happen in the even-numbered years. The three  
> community seats would be elected in the odd-numbered years.
> As was to be expected it took the chapters a while to come to a  
> procedure and selection the first time around. Unfortunately this  
> could have had the result that 2009 would have been the year in which  
> both the elected board members and the chapter selected board members  
> were changed/added to the board. In the interest of continuity the  
> board asked the chapters to consider selecting one current board  
> member for one of the two chapter selected seats this time around. I  
> am happy to inform you that not only did they agree to this, they have  
> also found an excellent addition to the board for the other seat.
> The chapters have provided the board with the following statement and  
> the board has been happy to approve their selections.
> “Chapters Statement
> In April 2008, the Wikimedia Foundation gave the chapters a role in  
> the board member selection process, by asking them to select  
> candidates to fill two of the Trustees seats.
> The Wikimedia chapters have selected Arne Klempert as a new candidate.  
> In agreement with the board, they have decided to propose Michael Snow  
> as their second candidate, with the intent of confirming his position  
> on the Board of Trustees as occupying one of the chapters selected  
> Board seats. The chapters are glad that both candidates have accepted  
> their selection and hope that the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia  
> Foundation will be able to formalize this as soon as possible. The  
> selection of those candidates comes after many heated but fruitful  
> discussions and represents the chapters' will to introduce novelty and  
> ensure continuity in the board of the Wikimedia Foundation.
> Arne Klempert is Head of Digital Communications at IFOK, a German  
> consulting firm. He is one of the founders of the German chapter. He  
> was involved in the development of Wikimedia Deutschland first as vice- 
> chair and then as Executive Director, until September 2008.
> Michael Snow has served on the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation since  
> December 2007, and was chosen in July 2008 to be its chair. Michael is  
> a lawyer and has been involved in Wikimedia for many years as Head of  
> the Wikimedia Communications Committee and creator of the Wikipedia  
> Signpost, amongst other roles.
> The chapters are confident that this selection brings quality,  
> diversity and stability to the board of the Wikimedia Foundation, and  
> that both candidates will capably handle the responsibilities of being  
> Trustees. Both candidates are selected to fill a term that ends in  
> July 2010.
> Please join me in welcoming Arne to the board and congratulating  
> Michael on his re-appointment. On behalf of the board I would like to  
> thank all those involved in facilitating the process and making these  
> appointments possible.
> Jan-Bart de Vreede
> Vice Chair Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
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