[Foundation-l] Licensing resolution

Michael Snow wikipedia at verizon.net
Thu May 21 19:15:06 UTC 2009

Erik Moeller wrote:
> Once again, a big *thank you* to the licensing committee for
> administering the voting process. All the volunteers on the committee
> have been hugely helpful. I want to especially mention Robert Rohde,
> without whom the result probably wouldn't have been ready last week.
I would also like to thank the committee, along with SPI, for helping 
with the vote. And really, there are *a lot* of people who have earned 
thanks for their efforts in bringing us to this point. At the Free 
Software Foundation, Richard Stallman (obviously) along with Benjamin 
Mako Hill. At Creative Commons, Larry Lessig, Mike Linksvayer, and Diane 
Peters. Eben Moglen and the Software Freedom Law Center. Of our own 
staff, Erik himself and Mike Godwin in particular. And by singling out 
any names here, I know that I must already be neglecting others that I 
really ought to mention, but I may not personally be aware of the depth 
of their contribution to the process. So let me conclude by thanking 
everyone who participated in the process, including especially all of 
you who voted.

--Michael Snow

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