[Foundation-l] Collecting or spreading information (was: Wikipedia is not the karma sutra)

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Thu May 14 13:51:17 UTC 2009

2009/5/14 Ivan Lanin <ivan.lanin op wikimedia.or.id>

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> > * Are we the only one able to perform a certain task? Are we the single
> (and
> > therefore important) link in a chain from knowledge to receiver?
> No, we are not the one. The government should actually do that. But,
> we are an important alternative *collector* of information and
> therefore should also be able to spread it.
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What I actually meant here was: " Are we irreplacable?" ie, if our part of
the chain breaks, does that mean the chain collapses? Because if that is so,
then we should make sure that we don't break definitely :)


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