[Foundation-l] commons and freely licensed sexual imagery

private musings thepmaccount at gmail.com
Thu May 14 04:03:09 UTC 2009

g'day all,

There's an interesting deletion discussion taking place here;


concerning an image of a woman with sperm on her neck. To my mind it's very
doubtful that this is in fact a freely licensed image, but regardless of my
cynicism, the IP who nominated the image for deletion (the 5th time it's
been nominated, and the 4th time was by me, in December) raised the
possibility that we (both commons, wikipedia, and perhaps by extension all
wmf projects) might be better to opt for drawings rather than photographs of
sexual activity?

I'm sure many are familiar with my view that the foundation is an acutely
irresponsible host in this area (I'm not a fan, for example, of the pictures
taken of topless women on beaches without their permission which commons
currently hosts) - but wonder what the feeling is out there in regard to
freely licensed images of people having sex - we've currently got quite a
few on commons, and it's likely to be a growth area. There's a dirty pun in
there somewhere, but I can't be bothered to make it......



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