[Foundation-l] More on Wikimedia strategic planning

Thomas de Souza Buckup thomasdesouzabuckup at gmail.com
Mon May 4 04:44:19 UTC 2009


Reading this thread I thought of something that was discussed in Berlin: Is
there any need for a fourth Working Group?

Additional to the three major themes mentioned by Sue (Reach, Quality and
Participation), what about another working group to focus on the long-term
Sustainability of the Wikimedia movement?

There is already a great deal of ideas here about how should the
Foundation:  cover other parts of human knowledge (coverage); preserve
database (off-planet...); enable sustainable growth (affiliation...); face
financial challenges (endowment...); etc. Should all or some of the ideas
above be discussed in another working group?

This working group could be described as something like:

4. Sustainability. The goal of this Working Group will be to make sure the
Wikimedia movement can reach its vision in a sustainable way. It could
answer important sub-group questions like:
*How to sustain Wikimedia services and data across any major situation?
*How to start new valuable projects to cover other parts of human knowledge?
*How to promote innovation within our network?
*How to support the development of new significant tools and services?
*How to organize the structure of the Wikimedia movement?
*How to sustain the financial needs of the Wikimedia movement?

What do you think?



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