[Foundation-l] Licensing transition: opposing points of view

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Sat Mar 21 22:33:12 UTC 2009

So, the authors directly relate to give completely true form of
contributed to switch to assume your minimally acceptable is because
of share-alike, but you are contribution?

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2009/3/21 Anthony <wikimail at inbox.org>:
> On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 8:42 AM, geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 2009/3/21 Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org>:
>> > There's no reason to assume that they are.
>> Actually there is see. Remember every wikipedian who has edited a page
>> has released a modified version of a GFDL document. I hope you are not
>> accusing them of violating copyright on a massive page
> That's one way to look at it.  A more sane way would be that wikipedians
> have collaborated on a number of documents which they agree to release to
> third parties under the GFDL.
>>The GFDL defines Title Page
>> > as the text "near the most prominent appearance of the work's title,
>> > preceding the beginning of the body of the text". The interpretation
>> > that an arbitrarily titled link somewhere on the document (it used to
>> > be called "Older versions") to a difficult to navigate changelog
>> > exists to satisfy the author credit provisions of the GFDL (section
>> > 4.B, since you asked) is hardly more defensible than the
>> > interpretation that credit is given to the Wikipedia community ("From
>> > Wikipedia"), or that no credit is given.
>> Given that neither of those would be legal under the GFDL I don't
>> think you are helping your case.
> Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was blasted for saying this.  However, I don't see
> how you can honestly claim otherwise.  Wikipedia doesn't follow the GFDL,
> and never has.  On the other hand, that doesn't excuse third parties from
> not following the GFDL.
> Given that only the terms of the GFDL will allow wikipedia to switch
>> to CC-BY-SA declaring said terms to be Irrelevant is at best foolish.
> At least it's honest.
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