[Foundation-l] Proposed revised attribution language

Robert Rohde rarohde at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 16:57:29 UTC 2009


If you don't mind, let's be specific.

Which edits are yours?  (Were you User:Anthony?)

Who, if anyone, do you believe is presently infringing your rights
such that you feel corrective action is necessary to satisfy your
expectations as an author?  What action do you want to see taken?  As
a wiki editor, which existing infringements of your work are most
troubling to you?

Assuming the licensing proposal is adopted and WMF declares that all
of their properties are dual licensed:  Are you likely to complain to
reusers who rely on that in using work that you edited?  Would you
seriously consider taking legal action against the WMF or any third
party even if they are following the CC-BY-SA license in good faith?

It is certainly useful to talk about relicensing in general and
abstract terms, since most of the editors involved aren't here to
comment.  However, for months now you have portrayed yourself as a
specifically aggrieved party.  That being the case, I would like to
know where/why you believe this to be the case, what you have tried to
do about it, and what you think we (in the broad sense of the WMF
and/or the Wikimedia volunteer community) might do about it to address
your concerns.

-Robert Rohde

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